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How to be confident in an interview!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Projecting confidence in a job interview can be just as important as showing your skills and demonstrating your unique qualifications.

Interviewer ready to interview candidates in the office.

It is common among candidates to be nervous about their interview. Candidates want to create a good impression but they may end up putting themselves under too much pressure. Believe it or not, recruiters and employers can also be nervous at times, and thinking about this is a good way to release that pressure. Making that interview count is the key to increasing your chances of getting hired. It is important to practice the way you communicate confidence and professionalism, as this can improve your performance in the room as well as calm your nerves. Here are a few ways to help you be confident for your interview -

  • Maintain eye contact - It is important to maintain eye contact while listening and speaking. You don’t show confidence if you’re staring down or to the side when you talk and it is very noticeable. Also, maintaining eye contact may be considered as a sign of disrespect in some cultures so do take that into account.

  • Notice your body language - Your body language speaks a lot more than you think. Stand and sit in open positions – arms by your sides, not crossed. Practice the “power stance” and you will feel and look confident.

  • Avoid fidgeting - Most people aren’t aware of their own nervous tendencies. Fidgeting with a pen or paper and tapping your hand or feet are signs of nervousness. You may ask your friend or family member to point them out to you if you are not aware of it.

A candidate displaying confidence in his interview.
  • Dress for success - Choose your best outfit for an interview. When you look good, you feel good. An outfit that makes you feel and look good will naturally give you that confidence boost.

  • Practice smiling - A smile is a sign of confidence. Practice smiling whenever you can while holding relaxed, calm expressions. Being very serious gives out the impression that you’re having a miserable time.

  • Listen before you speak - Always listen to what the interviewer says and speak only when they finish their sentence. This will also help you to respond appropriately. In an attempt to impress the interviewer, candidates often blurt out their answers before the question has been completely asked.

  • Do your research - Learn about the company, its products, and services, the role, responsibilities, etc. Practice interview questions as well. Hold mock interviews with a friend, if possible. Having enough knowledge will surely increase your confidence.

  • Ask questions - Write down a list of questions that you would like to ask the interviewer. Besides showing confidence asking questions also shows that you are attentive, interested, and keen on learning.

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