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5 career tips shared by 5 career coaches!

We asked 5 career coaches for the one best career tip they had for those in the initial phases of their careers. Here's what they had to say.

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We all want to get ahead in our careers and focus on what we should do. In that process, we end up committing several mistakes. There's nothing to worry about mistakes, the truth is, if you aren't making career mistakes, you aren't trying.

It is difficult for those in the initial phases of their career. But you have more control over your career than you think. Do more interesting, fulfilling, and lucrative work, and get your career back on track. Here are the 5 career tips that you can use to propel yourself forward -

  • Kate Langford Career Consult - "It might not feel like it but making a career move is not difficult. It is a mindset thing. Regardless of how specialized your skills are, there are always ways to sell yourself into another role or industry! Take inventory of your strengths. Drawing out people’s transferable skills is our specialty at KLCC. Getting that outside perspective is a really eye-opening exercise. Most people aren’t fully aware of the skills and traits they possess, it comes so naturally to you, you don’t even think about it!"

  • Lisa Reynolds - "Appreciate your unique strengths, value, and worth. Because YOU are your unique selling point!"

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  • Lauren Lefkowitz - "Find your next job by company, not by job boards. Research the best places to work and make a list of companies you like. Find more companies to be interested in by Googling industries, interesting company names + “competitor”, or job titles, and look directly at the career pages on company websites. Save the links in a document or notes app for those companies’ careers pages so you can check back frequently for new openings."

  • Lissa Appiah - "Keep showing up for yourself! Leverage platforms like LinkedIn not only when you are job searching. Focus on building a professional brand; you will move from chasing opportunities to attracting them."

  • Jess - "People will only take you as seriously as you take yourself. If you don’t see and present yourself as a professional, no one else will view you that way. Leverage your soft skills to land the role you want - hype up your communication skills, your ability to adapt to new situations, and work independently. Companies in the COVID/post-COVID area want people who have intangible skills."

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