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5 reasons why you need a Cover Letter!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Demonstrate your communication skills, strengthen your candidacy and increase your odds of landing that interview with a well-written cover letter.

A lady using her laptop to write her cover letter for a job application.

A cover letter helps in creating a good impression along with the resume, increasing your chances of landing that interview. The recruiter gets an impression that you are serious about the opportunity. It also allows you to include all those details that you may not be able to show through your resume. For example, having gaps in your employment history and a change in career can be explained via your cover letter.

Besides, if a recruiter has to choose between two identical applicants with equally good resumes but one of the candidates has a cover letter to go along with it, who do you think the recruiter is going to prefer? Here are 5 reasons why you need a cover letter to go along with your resume for your next job application -

1. Explain about yourself.

Cover letter gives you an opportunity to describe more about yourself explaining your interests, experiences and qualifications stating how you could be of help to the company. You can focus on why the company would need you and explain what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates.

2. Writing & communication skills.

A cover letter showcases your writing ability and demonstrates your communication skills. A poorly written cover letter with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can harm your job application whereas a well-written cover letter gives off the impression that you can write and communicate fluently.

3. Highlight your strengths.

You can draw attention to a few noteworthy experiences. Since a resume is often summarized, you may be forced to leave out a few points under your experience. You can explain them and your other accomplishments on the job in your cover letter. State a few awards and certificates you've received as well to solidify your impression further.

A lady accessing her laptop to develop a strong cover letter for job applications.

4. Make up for a weak resume.

A cover letter can help you make up for a weak resume. This does not mean a poorly written resume. A weak resume is where you do not have sufficient experience in the field or are not qualified enough for the position. There have been instances where candidates were considered purely on the basis of their strong cover letter. This is not a surprise since it is the second best thing to give your resume a boost.

5. Initiates a follow-up.

End your cover letter on a strong, professional note. Mention action steps and state the fact that you are available for an interview, providing your email and contact details. You can also take control of the follow-up process and ask for a specific date to initiate contact. This eliminates the waiting game and allows you to move on to another possible interview.

Don't forget to match your cover letter to your resume to make it look professional and balanced.

At The Side Hustler, we offer you an opportunity to avail of our Professional Resume Writing Service. It is one thing to use an attractive template, it is another to make sure your resume has all that it needs for the jobs that you would like to apply for.

We will help you create an eye-catchy Resume and a Cover Letter with an appropriate layout that is relevant to your target industry, professional language that is proofread without any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.

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