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Secrets of a thriving Side Hustle!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Don't want to commit the same mistakes many first-time side hustlers make? Here are a few ways to help your side hustle be successful.

A lady revealing the secrets about a thriving side hustle.

Side hustles are all the rage these days with many choosing to not just be productive with their time but also earn extra money. This extra income is particularly useful in increasing your savings, looking after expenses, or even investing. All of this helps in you being closer to financial independence.

Side hustles give you the ability to make money on the side, either within your primary profession or outside of it, and expand your experience in new ways. But not all side hustles are successful, some drain the money you earn out of your 9 to 5. So what makes a side hustle successful? Here are some ways you can follow to ensure your side hustle thrives -

  • Don't quit your job (yet) - Side hustles are about creating opportunities that bring you more freedom in pursuing your passion while also generating money. It does not have to be at the expense of your full-time job. It will take time to generate as much money as your full-time job beyond which you may decide to quit your day job.

  • Be smart about costs - Starting a side hustle doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a solid plan, creativity, laptop, and Wi-Fi. Any other investments can wait through the money you start generating.

  • Treat it like a business - If you don’t treat your side hustle like a business, you won’t spend enough time and effort on it for it to be successful. Set deadlines, create goals, follow schedules, and work those extra hours if you need to, to get things done.

A lady feeling happy about her successful side hustle.
  • Listen to your clients - Place an emphasis on how you serve your customers. They will let you know what you’re doing right and wrong. Make sure that you know what they want and find a way to give it to them.

  • Never stop learning - Mistakes are inevitable. Our mistakes are what help us learn and think smarter. You can also try learning the skills that you need to know and reach out to other successful side hustlers.

  • Be organized - Create a structure for your side hustle right from the start - This includes planning your posts, reaching out to clients, running your website, tracking expenses and incomes, and a lot more.

  • Outsource - Depending on the scope of your side hustle, you may need help from others. Seek help or outsource if you need to so that you can focus on matters that are important to the business.

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