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5 types of branding for small businesses!

Different types of branding can provide you with different benefits as a small business.

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The way your brand is visually perceived by the public impacts your public perception and is a valuable business investment. Branding is what sets a business apart from the rest. We are able to relate to brands and love certain brands because of their branding. There are several types of branding for small businesses and these branding strategies can help improve your product sales and business reputation.

  • Product branding - Product branding gives consumers a reason to purchase your company’s products. It is an opportunity to tell a story about your company and your products. The logos, fonts, colors, and packaging designs are only effective if consumers can tie them to the company’s larger values.

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  • Retail branding - Impossible-to-navigate stores, unfriendly sales associates, unprofessional websites - we've all experienced it. Online and in-person retail branding ties customers’ shopping experience to your brand’s goals. Your website's layout, design, loading speed, functionality, and access to customer reviews all contribute to how customers view your brand.

  • Service branding - Word of mouth referrals are the most important for service branding. The best way to pursue service branding is to make sure that your clients are having positive experiences and they refer your services to other people. Service branding will likely continue to rely on recommendations from consumers’ acquaintances.

  • Company branding - With consistent communication, logos, customer service, and visuals, companies can develop a brand voice that displays their values without inauthentically advertising them. Subconscious forms of company branding such as having a consistent brand voice and tying products to broader business values can help your organization develop a strong identity and reputation.

  • Personal branding - Companies use personal branding, such as customer testimonials and referrals from friends or family, in order to market their product. Personal branding is important because it places people, not companies, as the protagonists of a story. Emotional brand storytelling must be told through the lens of a person - a specific customer, a passionate employee, or a dedicated partner.

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