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5 myths of freelancing busted!

The area of freelancing is an unknown place to many and with it comes plenty of myths.

A lady enjoying her role of being a freelancer.

If you are interested in the world of freelancing or are already a freelancer, you may have come across some of these myths. There are a lot of myths floating around from freelancing being an easy option for anyone to living the high life, minting money while working away from the 9 to 5 routine. Some of these myths are easily sold to you by others so that you fall prey to their marketing tactics.

Here are some of those myths busted -

  • Myth - Freelancing is not a reliable option. Fact - Nothing is really reliable in a world with an uncertain future, not even your regular 9 to 5 jobs. However, freelancing can usually be very steady in an unsteady work environment depending on your field of work. You have the option of working for multiple clients which means that if you do lose any one of them, you still have income coming through.

A man working as a freelancer while being on a remote island.
  • Myth - Freelancing is less stressful than a full-time job. Fact - Freelancing can be quite stressful as you are in charge of everything from marketing yourself, closing contracts, doing the actual work, chasing payments, getting your accounts done, etc. However, with time, freelancing does give you an option to lead a stress-free business.

  • Myth - Freelancing isn't like actually starting a business. Fact - Freelancing is a business, and the only way you'll be successful at it is if you show up every day with that mindset. You need to treat it like a real business, establishing a system in place and displaying professionalism at every step.

  • Myth - Freelancing is for those who can't find a job. Fact - Freelancers choose to freelance because they enjoy more flexibility with their work. You have the opportunity to work whenever you want and enjoy a day or week off whenever you feel like it. It is also a wonderful option for parents who wish to continue with their careers and earn money while looking after their children.

  • Myth - Anyone can be a freelancer. Fact - Freelancing is not meant for everyone. It is largely dependent on the type of personality you have. Some personalities are better suited to a 9 to 5 where there are established systems, responsibilities clearly laid out and you have someone to whom you are accountable. Yes, everyone can start a freelancing business but they all won't be successful. A successful freelance business requires skills, discipline, persistence,  a business plan, accountability, and lots of patience. It may even take months before you land a client.

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This is a good look at freelancing! Thanks for sharing the myths of freelancing busted with us!


Krysten Quiles
Krysten Quiles
Oct 17, 2021

I'm not sure I have the hustle to be a freelancer, I have friends that do it and they're hardcore!

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