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7 ways to Save Money when it comes to dining out!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Food tends to be amongst the largest expenses for many; being unable to get the maximum value for the lowest expense.

Burgers, fries and other food items on a table at a restaurant.

Dining out tends to be amongst the most common things to do when it comes to the weekend or holidays, in general. Eating out costs a lot more than if you were to prepare a meal at home. But sometimes its the lack of time or the willingness to treat ourselves and indulge in food that makes us want to dine out. Eating out also requires you to eat smarter so that you won't be draining your finances. Here are a few ways that you can use to save money and get more value - 1. Use vouchers, discounts and offers. Make use of apps and websites that offer coupons, discount vouchers and 2 for 1 offers. Sign-Up on the Entertainer app, Zomato Gold, purchase deals from Cobone or redeem your rewards via Beam. Using these vouchers, specially the 2 for 1 offers will help you save a lot more money when dining out. All that is required is for you to use them wisely and not spend money just because you have the voucher. Find more information on these apps here. 2. Skip the water and get your own. Bottled water can sometimes cost a ridiculous price in restaurants. Instead, you can walk past the restaurant to a grocery or a supermarket for a much cheaper bottle of water. It's best, however, to reduce your consumption of plastic. Skip the bottle of water and save money by getting your own reusable bottle. Find some of our top recommended reusable bottles, here. 3. Sign-Up to be a mystery shopper. You can get your meals for free when you sign-up to a mystery shopping program. These programs often require you to visit certain restaurants and assess quality, customer service, cleanliness and other parameters. You would be required to place an order and assess everything anonymously. Best of all, you even get paid on top of the free meals for your service. So it's a good way to get some extra cash as well. Sign-Up to some of the mystery shopping programs here.

A woman reaching out for her food served on a table in a restaurant.

4. Participate in social media competitions. Several restaurants, bloggers and influencers frequently run contests and giveaways over Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where you get opportunities to win meal vouchers of a certain amount, free meals, discount coupons and lots more. You can have a fantastic dining experience that would cost you nothing. Winning is not guaranteed, as the winners are usually chosen by random. But there's a good chance of winning something if you participate in many competitions. Visit the group Contests and Giveaways UAE on Facebook to view all the competitions happening around the UAE. 5. Go for buffet dining. The price of a buffet per person is not exactly cheap, but if you have a big appetite and want to get your money's worth, head to a buffet restaurant. Make use of a 2 for 1 voucher from the Entertainer or Cobone apps, so that your overall cost per person is reduced and you can check for cheaper priced buffets in the area. Tip - Avoid wasting food, choose a lunch buffet instead of dinner, don't down your drinks and go for small portions of everything and you will be able to maximize your money's worth. 6. Get birthday freebies. Several restaurants offer birthday schemes where you can redeem offers and discounts when you dine in with them on your birthday. You could even receive free meals, cakes or desserts on the house. Do your research and sign-up to newsletters of restaurants. You would have to carry your ID for your birthday verification so that you won't celebrate your birthday everyday. (How cool would that be!)

7. Sign-Up for a restaurant's loyalty rewards program. If you frequent a restaurant multiple times over the year, you can ask to be a part of their members program where you can avail benefits such as discounts and free meals. Applebees and Chili's are some of the places where they offer a rewards program. Related - Top 6 Ways to Save Money on your Gym Memberships! 10 ways to Save Money on your Food & Household Expenses! 10 ways to Save Money on your Transportation Expenses! 7 ways to Save Money by reducing your Plastic usage! 7 ways to Save Money at the Cinemas! 10 ways to reduce food waste and save money! 7 tricks Supermarkets use to make you spend more money!

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