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How to spot fake influencers!

With the rise of Influencer Marketing, fake influencers are on the rise too looting brands behind their fake vanity metrics.

An influencer using her social media to engage with her followers.

As a business, you need to ensure that the investments you make reap the right rewards. Influencer marketing is a great option to go for in today's age, to promote your products or services. Making investments in influencer marketing will reap the right rewards if you choose the right influencer. This also means knowing who isn't right for your business and who is a fake influencer. Here's how you can spot these fake influencers -

  • Engagement Ratio - Check the ratio of likes and comments to followers. On average, between 1-5% of your audience will engage in your posts. If they have too little or way too many, in comparison to their followers - it is a red flag.

An influencer taking a selfie for her followers.
  • Follower Spikes - A fake influencer can be spotted through online tools that help you observe a major spike in followers and engagement, particularly overnight or within a short period of time. This is a good indicator of followers being bought.

  • Engagement Quality - A real influencer should receive good quality comments instead of generic comments that are just emojis or something along the lines of "Great post", "Nice", "Amazing", etc. You do get such spammy-type comments at times that could be genuine but it is not going to happen the majority of the time unless it has been bought.

  • Audience Quality - Every social media profile is susceptible to bot followers. But an analysis of the followers using free or paid online tools should give you an insight into how many of them are real and how many are fake.

  • Insights - Lastly, when working with influencers, ask them for their insights. They cannot fake their insights. It provides you with more information on their reach, impressions, audiences, views, clicks, etc. It then becomes easy to spot the ones that are red flags.

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