How to use Social Media to get a job!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Get familiar with the latest techniques of job hunting and take your job search to a whole new level by playing your cards right on social media.

A person using social media applications on his table to apply for a job.

Social media is being used by millions around the world and it is no longer a place where you can share things about your life and call it a day. There are businesses, brands, corporations, bloggers and others using social media to generate an income and build their online presence. With so many users being active on social media, it gives more visibility to companies. Hence, job vacancies are shared on these platforms. Studies have shown that 92% of companies are using social media for hiring with 73% of companies successfully hiring a candidate through it. In fact research has shown that millions of users have found their jobs via LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter.

But how do you begin?

1. Clean up your profiles.

Get your privacy settings tweaked and take off anything from your profile that isn't professional or that could give out a wrong impression. This includes anything that could be considered offensive or a long rant. Employers and recruiters are always searching their potential candidates on Google and looking up their social media profiles for anything that could be a red flag. You can change privacy settings of your posts and photos on Facebook, delete unwanted tweets and consider making your personal Instagram profile a private account.

2. Focus on specific platforms.

There are plenty of platforms on Social Media but it isn't wise to open an account on each of them, post inconsistently and give up. Instead, focus on two or three platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These are considered to be the best when it comes to hunting jobs while Instagram and Pinterest are more suitable when it comes to requiring creatives. Have a consistent social media presence across your profiles and use a profile image that is recent and professional.

3. Networking Groups.

There are plenty of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that are catered towards jobs in general, remote work, freelance jobs, virtual assistants or jobs that are for a specific field such as Social Media, Graphic Designing, Photography etc. You can search for groups and request to join them. Bear in mind that these groups have rules that you need to follow and violators are removed by the admins. Network with fellow members, view job postings and learn from tips shared by others. Related - Why LinkedIn is a great tool in your job hunt, and how to use it! Five Facebook Groups to find Online Jobs and Work from Home. Hunting for Part-Time, Freelance, Remote and Temporary Jobs on Facebook.

Facebook app opened to apply for jobs on a smartphone beside a laptop on a desk.

4. Don't outrightly ask for a job.

Never go around constantly asking for a job opportunity. Spamming others seeking for help will not help you and no one will take you seriously. Make meaningful conversations with others, seek to add value and you will find people to be more than willing to help you out.

5. Follow companies, brands and businesses.

Like and follow business pages on social media platforms. Quite often, they do post about their vacancies on their pages announcing their hiring requirements. It is wise to be on the lookout for them, particularly for those companies that you are really interested in working for. Besides, when applying for a job posting you can make your interest more evident by sending a personalized message and reaching out to them.

6. Reach out to your connections.

Consider letting your connections know that you're looking out for a job. Their company could possibly be looking out for someone with the same skills as you, you may never know. Many have managed to get a job through referrals, reaching out to their network on social media.

7. Get creative.

Establish yourself as an online brand by creating a website. Setting up a website is quite simple and can be used to display your resume and portfolio. Pinterest and Instagram are also great platforms to showcase your creativity and is quite valuable to those looking for jobs in the creative field.

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