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Sell your photos on your smartphone with Snapwire!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Turn your photography hobby into a source of income through a platform created for a new generation of photographers.

A smartphone besides a cu of tea on a motorbike, displaying the Snapwire app.

Snapwire is a platform where users can sell photos that they click to brands, businesses, small entrepreneurs and others looking for images meeting their particular requirements. Buyers post a request and all such requests can be viewed under the Requests tab on the website or the app. You can then submit your photos to any request meeting the requirements asked and within the deadlines set. The buyer nominates some pictures and gives points for photographers. Nominated pictures imply the kind of pictures that the client is looking for. This gives better indications and directions for new people who join the contest. The winning photographs that are selected by the buyer are rewarded in cash.

A screenshot of the Snapwire app showing the online marketplace to sell photos.

Besides requests, there are also challenges featured regularly where you have a chance to win cash prizes. Also, you can build a portfolio of your images and directly sell them, sharing them with clients as well. In the competitions that take place, reward prizes range between $25 to $125. On being selected as a winner, you’ll get 70% of the prize money and if you are selling directly from your portfolio, you get to keep 50%. So, if you win a $100 contest, you’ll receive $70. The balance amount is kept by Snapwire as their earnings. Bear in mind that in order to have a successful sale over the app, you need to ensure you have photos of high quality. There are lots of professional photographers submitting their photos and sometimes it may even take lots of submissions to finally make a sale.

A screenshot of the Snapwire app on a smartphone connected to headphones, lying on a book on a bed.

You can also view the photos that have been sold recently. Look for inspiration among those photos and you can upload similar photos or get an idea of what photos are most likely to sell on the app. Most buyers are interested in photos of people and everyday situations captured in a really natural way. Don't lose hope if you have not been able to make a successful sale over a period of time. There are plenty of other apps and websites where you can sell your images for some quick cash. Do check out our other posts to know more! For more information, check out the Snapwire website here and download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Related - Make Money selling your Photos Online with Foap! Earn cash by selling your study notes on your smartphone!

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