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Top 5 Websites and Apps to Sell your Used Items and Make Money!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Have a lot of things around the house that you do not use? You can sell them and make use of that extra money!

Look around your home and you will be surprised to find the number of items that you own but don't really use. Do you want to get rid of those that you do not need and sell them but do not really know where to exactly do it? We have compiled a list of the best 5 Websites and Apps for you to just do the same and it won't cost you a dime to post your listing! 1. Dubizzle. The most popular website here in the UAE and used the most, you have ads listed across several categories and also some ads listed under the Free Stuff section that people are giving away for free. Sign-Up on the website and get your ads listed, Users can then message you on the platform itself and it is up to you then to arrange for the Pick-Up. It does not cost you anything to list the ad, however if you want to feature your ad you need to pay extra. A featured ad means your ad is listed on the top and gets more views. This however, isn't quite necessary. Ads stay live for 30 days and then expire which means if your ad has expired you may need to post it again.

They also do have a mobile app, which sometimes isn't quite responsive and the website seems to be the better option to use. Dubizzle is also a popular website among users since it has several jobs listed under the classifieds section. For more information, please visit - Dubizzle Website Dubizzle Facebook Page Links to download the app - App Store Play Store 2. GetThat. Similar to Dubizzle, you can posts your ads for free and to get them featured and sell quickly you need to pay. Users on the website are lesser in comparison to Dubizzle but GetThat is slowly increasing in popularity. Lots of ads featured in different categories and they stay live for a certain period, beyond which you may be required to post the ad again. They do not have a mobile app as of yet.

For more information, please visit - GetThat Website GetThat UAE Facebook Page 3. For100Dirhams. For100Dirhams is completely different from others as all the items listed here are below 100 dirhams. If you have a lot of items of small value this site is perfect. You can simply utilize the features of this website to connect with people who might have an interest in what you have to offer for 100 dirhams.

A screenshot of the For100Dirhams website displaying classified ad listings.
For100Dirhams is great for listing products that are small in value.

All you have to do is register on the website and start listing your items. Potential buyers will contact you on the platform. They do not have an app as of yet. For more information, please visit - For100Dirhams Website For100Dirhams Facebook Page 4. Melltoo. Melltoo is the first no meet up classifieds website in the UAE. You can Sign-Up by downloading the app from the App Store or the Play Store. View ads listed and you can posts your ads across different categories.

A man accessing the Melltoo website on his laptop while using the Melltoo app on his smartphone.
Melltoo is the first no meet up classifieds website in the UAE.

Melltoo takes a certain percentage from the sale price, interested buyers then message you on the app and once approved, Melltoo arranges for the Pick-Up and delivery themselves which is very convenient and saves a lot of time. You can even refer your friends or participate in their competitions which happen frequently to earn Melltoo Credits. You can then use these credits against your purchases in the app as a payment option. For more information, please visit - Melltoo Website Melltoo Facebook Page Links to download the app - App Store Play Store 5. Shedd. Shedd, the brainchild of two former Dubizzle employees, is a social/classified mobile app for fashion items predominantly targeting women. This app is great if you have lots of Clothes and other branded accessories that are in great condition. You can snap a picture of those items, post it as an ad on the app with prices according to you. Interested buyers will send you a message which you can then approve and make a sale.

Using hashtags along with your ad posts is key here as users search for posts using hashtags. This place has a lot women's clothing and accessories for women and may not really work if you post ads about other categories. For more information, please visit - Shedd Website Shedd Facebook Page Links to download the app - App Store Play Store Related - How to make 1000's selling over Facebook! Make Money out of the stuff that you OWN! Earn cash by selling your study notes on your smartphone! Sell your photos on your smartphone with Snapwire! Make Money selling your Photos Online with Foap!

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